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Cruise Reports

Status Conference Research Vessels

The Status Conference Research Vessels 2020, originally scheduled  to be held from 24th March – 25th March 2020 at ICBM Oldenburg, will not be held this year due to the corona pandemic and the continuing contact restrictions. The scientific contributions of the conference were summarized in conference proceedings, which you can download under the following link.

The organisation team starts a new attempt in the coming year and organises the status conference research vessels with a new agenda. This event will take place on 23th and 24th February 2021 at the same venue, ICBM Oldenburg. Further information will follow.

Download link conference proceedings

Cruise Reports

A reporting obligation is associated with undertaking a cruise. The GPF office expects to receive the cruise report no later than 2 months after the conclusion of the cruise. It constitutes an important working paper and serves as a report for the funding institutions. Cruise reports should be written according to common criteria.

Important instructions on preparing the cruise report can be found at “Cruise Reports – Guidelines for Authors”. The following "template" is also made available to authors.

After the cruise reports are received at the GPF office, they are reviewed according to formal criteria in accordance with the “Guidelines for Authors” and the result is subsequently communicated to the authors. Some of the reports are also randomly reviewed for the quality of their contents. As soon as the cruise report meets the criteria, the GPF office advises that the cruise report can be sent to PANGAEA or the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) Hanover. There, the cruise reports are provided with a digital identifier (DOI). An overview of the cruise reports received to date can be found at https://www.pangaea.de/expeditions/.

Instructions on preparing “Reports on Polar and Marine Research” and the according templates can be downloaded under the following link: http://awi.de/en/reports

Cruise reports are not intended to document scientific evaluation. Around 2 years after the conclusion of the cruise, the users receive a request to describe the use for research. This has to be done both in written form and as part of the biannual status conference.


The Data Portal German Marine Research is currently reconstructed within the Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung (DAM) and at the moment is not available in its full complexity. A direct access to data is available at https://www.pangaea.de/expeditions/ .