Ship time is allocated on the basis of scientific cruise proposals. The evaluation of these cruise proposals of German research vessels POLARSTERN, METEOR, SONNE, MARIA S. MERIAN, POSEIDON, ALKOR, HEINCKE, and ELISABETH MANN BORGESE will be carried out by a transparent joint evaluation process (list of GPF members) according to standard evaluation criteria, starting autumn 2017. The recommendations of the science council in 2010 will be implemented by the introduction of this joint evaluation process ("Empfehlungen zur zukünftigen Entwicklung der deutschen marinen Forschungsflotte, 2010"). Using unified standardized criteria it will be ensured that the expedition results will be available.

Current batch of proposals (submitted by April 03, 2018)

GPF Panel session: June14-15, 2018
Feedback to proponents: after July 06, 2018

Future proposals (all vessels):

Submission deadline on German Research Vessels Portal: August 31, 2018
GPF Panel session: January17-18, 2019
Feedback to proponents: after February 04, 2019