Cruise Proposal Preparation Instructions

All necessary information for preparing a cruise proposal are provided in the Cruise Proposal Preparation Instructions. Please always follow the latest version of these instructions and use the most recent version of the proposal template, which is available on this website and in the submission system. If a cruise proposal does not comply with the formal requirements, it cannot be considered for the evaluation process. Any editorial or content-related changes made to cruise proposals must be clearly marked in revised documents. 

> Download Cruise Proposal Preparation Instructions (of December 12, 2023)
> Download Cruise Proposal Template (of December 12, 2023)

In case you intend to work with biological samples from the EEZs of other nations, please make yourself familiar with the regulations of the Nagoya Protocol already in the planning phase of your project, and contact the relevant National Focal Point or Competent National Authority. Further information and links are provided on page 5 of the Cruise Proposal Preparation Instructions.